We had a fantastic turn out for our Valentine's Day/Chinese New Year Poetry Gathering on Sunday, February 10th in the big, airy meeting room on the lower floor of the Butt-Holdsworth Memorial Library.  


Twenty-two poets read or recited a wide variety of styles and themes, We had a great time and went home inspired to write more poems. 


Hometown Heros recorded the event. I should be available after February 17th. Check it out at www.hthcard.com.


Here are some of the poems we heard:


JAIL - by Lisa Avery


A backhand handed over like a hand shake.
A stomp so loud the vibration trips me up.
Blood flows under the skin.
Clumsy me.
No skip, no trick or treat, no tic, tac, toe.
Chess you play.
I don’t want to play that game.
Tag - I’m it - yet again.
Sleep I do - maybe it will all go away.
No tears to shed.
Hanging on by a thread that won’t break.
Don’t peel my layers, you’ll see I’ve rotted inside.
Pick at seeds like a starving bird.
Not even hungry but belly extended.
This is not an exit.
I will not pass go and collect.
Where is my ‘get out of jail free’ card?




Jessa's untitled slam poem:


the lines on my palm criss cross like brain cells like the freeways are the thoughts of my city, and, as my city explains to me, brain cells die -lines come to an end unless i shoot them off my palms like fire crackers, like stars and onto yours. so i claim all the palms in sight as my own until i give them or you take them back.

hold up your hands.
now take these lines pull them back to your cheek. be careful when you let go because

i wont be here to hold you when you let go.
let go
SNAP, TWAaaaanngg....... shoot me over the moon

fall into the sky with me, do summer salts around saturns rings, We can ride my red radio flyer down the milky way; we can spit at the aliens and throw our celectial soft drinks over the edge

Come on, well get back down safely thru the hole in the ozone that doesn't exist...

Theres a certain quality i find lacking in my general day to day.
baby we gonna put that on like it's New York's latest fashion! Ill tie it in m hair, ill zip it up to there... ill dip my cigarette in it so i can breathe in life. maybe ill make you a technicolor dreamcoat from the patches of sun and storm we weather, together

I understand that we all have fear but lets put ours to rest. Sometimes we have to do things trembling, but we do them nonetheless..

Run with me in the rain, we'll dry our feet in scorched african planes surf tsunamis in Japan and save babies from waves… spend every penny we earn on redemption cuz only Jesus saves

You'll steal 7 leagues from the souls of Jack's boots

U and i, We'll move too fast to make roots

But When the time is right,

I'll eek out some sun inthe most fantastic place

like paris, or texas, or vegas OR SPACE! and there well get married, ourselves all alone

in front of all mighty, with our moms on the phone.

And although someday, the rains will come and not every moment will be crazy fun,

be my umbrella and ill be your boots

and we can stomp over mud puddles like they were tiny raindrops, well be giants and ants and our own children will fear us with only our imaginations to guide us we'll tie our hearts to iron birds and sky write our love across god's masterpeice with bubbles made of melted marshmellows in summertime.

Swing from trees grown from the soil scraped from our boots during our travels in the outmassphere. lets get out of here, im glad we came, but its time to let go, its time to..... Snap Twaaang....

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