The inspiration to write my memoir, about growing up in the home/studio of famous glamour photographers in the 1950s and 1960s. came when I was listening to Valley Writers Read, a weekly half-hour program on KVPR radio. I decided to write about Will Rogers State Beach in Santa Monica and submit it.  It was accepted, I recorded it  and got to select music for the section breaks. It aired in 2008.


The next year I wrote "Europe on Five Dollars a Day" about my family's trip to Europe when I was nine. Then, "Daisies" was broadcast in 2010, the year my father died and I moved to Texas.


Because all three of these pieces told stories about parts of my life, I decided they could become the basis of a memoir. I would end the book with the publication of my first poetry book, Tender Bough, which came about when my mother thought it would be fun to take pictures to illustrate my high-school poems.  The book sold more than 90,000 copies over eleven printings


I began working on the memoir in 2010 and finished it late last year. I let it sit for six-months before doing a complete review/edit.  When iUniverse sent an email that they were offering returning-author discounts I jumped at the chance to get my book out. 




Posing For My Father is available at 


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