Meditation by Judith Johnson

Come with an open heart,
Be welcomed into the Bosom of Love,
Acknowledge your niggling thoughts,
Let them drift away, like flotsam floating downriver.

Be consumed with love for the Other, and ego drops away.
Yet, strangely, awareness stays – the clock ticks, the fly buzzes.
Suddenly you are immersed in Presence, peaceful bliss,
Love given, love received, and given back again.

The Other, welcomed, invades the inward space,
Now, no separation,
No separate I,
The inner self recharged, energized.

As one pulls away from this silent bliss,
Answers to problems unresolved are given.
The lover is amazed, responding to situations and people
In ways never before conceived.

The fly still buzzes, but now seen
As infused with life, and touched by Spirit,
Capturing it by hand, the lover opens the door,
And sets it free.